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    A nurse is more than just a doctor’s aid. Some people think that nursing is all about standing around with a doctor holding charts and concurring with the doctor’s sediment but that isn’t true at all. Often times the nurse can be just as on the ball as the doctor, the certain qualities you need are apparent in both and both are essential to a hospital’s growth.

    What is it?

    Nursing is just what it sounds like; a nurse has the job of nursing an individual back to health by all the same conventional means you’d find with a doctor. A nurse will often times work the care of individuals, families, communities and other societies of people and fundamentally make the sick feel healthy again.

    So a nurse is not an aid to a doctor as some may say, nurses can work independently if they choose to do so. As where doctors will often times perform surgery or prescribe medication a nurse will actually see to it that you get healthy again, they will check up on you constantly and they will see to it that all of your needs are met whether it’s a mundane task or something much more complex. They will give you medicine and make sure you are at your most comfortable in your time of crisis.

    What kinds of degrees are available?

    Nursing is the second most popular degree program in the nation; there are literally hundreds if not thousands of students across the country looking to make their way into the program. Despite a nursing shortage only the best and brightest are accepted into the program and this is made heavily aware by the universities that offer it. But despite some of those odds and its immense popularity you can get these degrees online to achieve the same status.

    • Associates in Science Degree: With this degree you will need to complete at least two years of courses at the colleges behest before you can apply for any entry-level positions within the field. Although this is seen as the weakest degree in the whole spectrum it is still the most necessary of degrees to attain before you can move onto something larger and more beneficial to you both financially and business-wise. Science is a requirement in this field because you need to learn exactly how the human body works so you know what the terminology is and so you understand exactly what you need to do when you’re dealing with patients.
    • Advanced Practice Nursing: If you choose to you can go back to school to get your R.N. otherwise just known as you’re advanced practice nursing degree. With this option you can attain a certificate, a clinical nursing license, and a nurse practitioner who will have to diagnose illnesses as well as prescribe medication for patients. Most schools require this course of action take two years to complete while others may ask you for more depending on who they are.

    Financial Aid

    The kinds of scholarships and aide available for this will vary from college to college, some will offer you a few thousand dollar scholarships but others will offer you to the excess of 80,000 dollars depending on your major and what exactly you’re looking to get into with this degree in mind. You can find certain scholarships in charitable Foundations as well as many professional organizations.


    • Augusta State University
      • Address: 2500 Walton WayAugusta, GA 30904
      • Phone: (706) 737-1405
    • Ohio State University
      • Address: 800 East Summit Street, Kent, OH
      • Phone: (330) 672-3000
    • University of West Virginia
      • Address: 1500 University Avenue, Morgantown, WV
      • Phone: (304) 293-0111
    • John Abbot College
      • Address: 21275 Rue LakeshoreSainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Québec, Canada
      • Phone: (514) 457-6610
    • University of Kansas
      • Address: 1450 Jayhawk Blvd. Lawrence, KS 66045-4401
      • Phone: (785) 864-2700

    What types of Salaries?

    Salaries for this pursuit will range from $37,000 to $87,000 of course this all depend son the kind of degree you have, when you start small you will receive a lot less in terms of the pay grade but once you update that smaller degree to a larger degree you will wreak tons of benefits to not only your financially stability but also your insurance stability. Compensation also varies depending on the kind of experience you’ve earned throughout not only your course of study but what you can and can’t do while on the job.

    What are some Careers?

    • Traveling NurseThis job is exactly that, you are a nurse who travels the country to meet with patients in need, you are specifically asked to commit to traveling long distance sometimes even out of state to reach a patients destination. It is recommended to have experience within that area you travel to already but it is not a necessity.
    • Certified Nursing Aides Due to a nursing shortage it is no longer a requirement to have a full four year course of study to attain a degree in the field. Although you will not be paid nearly as much as you will need a bit more on the job training it is essentially the same thing as a regular nurse whilst lacking some of the responsibilities.
    • Genetaric NurseThis position entails that you are to take care of the elderly, often times in their own homes to help them feel comfortable in both typical hospitals as well as hospices. This job requires on the job surveillance of the elderly on a consistent basis.

    Nursing is one of the most popular fields out there in terms of college majors but there is still a shortage of nurses available out there. With a lot more time to building the job’s craft eventually this fold will break and more and more students out of college will join this field, the degrees given will show you what you can do within this field in terms of the jobs above.