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    About Us was created in 2011 by Robin Willows. This website is supposed to act as a guideline for students who are looking for programs in a degree of master’s of science in nursing. There is information about the program of master’s of science in nursing, the various career options available with a degree of master of science in nursing, the types of specializations available with a degree of master of science in nursing, and the various colleges that offer the course.

    This exercise started when I was looking up for a course for master’s of science in nursing for my friend who was a bachelor degree holder in nursing. The information on the internet, though sufficient, was scattered and unorganized, and hence, it occurred to us that this information, if properly collected and documented, could come in handy for all the aspiring students who wish to pursue this course. So we started consolidating on the initial research we did in the area and prepared this website that, we hope serves it purpose in reducing the efforts of aspiring nursing masters.

    We would strive to keep the information on the website as updated as humanly possible. It might occur that there be a fact mentioned on the website that doesn’t reflect the current information. In such an event, we request you to reach us at with your feedback. We would be thankful to you for the same.